VLookup with MATCH & Substitute(Address) combo

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Hello I'm trying to code a vbaVlookup with a dynamic Column Number Index, trying to use substitute(address) combo to get the column letter which seems to give problems to my code. But when I manually type the column letter in instead of using the combo it works.



Sub VbaVlookup() 'Ctrl + Shift + Q

    Dim Table As Range

    On Error Resume Next

    Set Table = Application.InputBox(prompt:="Sample", Type:=8)

    Selection.Formula = "=VLOOKUP($A2," & Table.Address(External:=True) & ",MATCH(SUBSTITUTE(ADDRESS(1,COLUMN(),4),""1"","""")$1,$A$1:$G$1,0)" & ",FALSE)"

    'Use Fill Handle

End Sub



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