Vlookup with IF Statement - return yes if cell is filled

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Hi all!


I have a sheet which tracks a process with several stages.


This contains a username in the first column, and then several columns where dates are populated when each stage of the process is complete. 



User: iurhgirhg    Stage 1: 10/08/2022     Stage 2: 15/08/2022     Stage 3: blank as not completed


I am building a search function on another sheet to provide an overview of the current status.


So I want to lookup using that username, and then if there is a date in the relevant cell return "Yes" into my search function. I.e. to answer the question 'Is this stage complete for this user' yes or no.


If there is no data in the cell yet it means that stage isn't complete, so it would return "No"


Any help appreciated!

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Perhaps the attached file will help you do something similar on your own file.

This is very helpful. Though in mine I do not have a stage input, so I would effectively like to lookup based on a certain column in the raw data.

So say if date is in column P for this username return yes, if not return no. I suppose I could add the stage but that would also have to pull from the other sheet and would need another formula to determine what stage it's at depending on which column has been filled in.

Just to add - I know this is wrong but it's the thing I thought would be along the right lines:

=if(VLOOKUP(G8,'raw data'!A1:P20500,16,FALSE),ISBLANK('raw data'!P:P),"No","Yes")

@hmwepp1989 Not sure I follow, but perhaps this:

=if(AND(VLOOKUP(G8,'raw data'!A1:P20500,16,FALSE),ISBLANK('raw data'!P:P)),"No","Yes")

 Although I can't test it or really understand what you have in mind.

Perhaps you can share your workbook via OneDrive or something similar.

@Riny_van_Eekelen thanks for your reply.


I have simplified and added it here - hopefully it makes sense. It doesn't seem to be differentiating still between ones with values in that last column and ones without.


So it's the formula in G16 I'm trying to work out. Basically if all stages are completed then we will have results in, so that's how I need to determine the yes or no answer. 



@hmwepp1989 Perhaps I'm missing the purpose of your schedule, but perhaps this formula is what you need.

=IF(ISNUMBER(VLOOKUP(G8,'Raw Data'!A1:G19,7,FALSE)),"Yes","No")

entered in the attached (revised) file. Though the hard-coded number 7 isn't very dynamic. If I were you, I would enter the relevant column index in a cell, as shown in the file I sent earlier.

Thank you! That would have worked, had I not just realised I now have duplicate usernames in some of my raw data and so Vlookup is out of the window