Vlookup what is F27 in this function?

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=IFERROR(VLOOKUP($A$5,'Master Totals'!$B$1:$EG$210,F27,FALSE),"")

I thought the column number what just a number but this function has F27. Where does excel look for the answer?

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It looks for the value that is in cell F27.

@JMB17 I'm confused. lol I thought that after the array, that number should be the numbers of columns to the right that it finds the answer. So it should just be a number, not a particular cell. Right? And also, I looked at F27 and it's not the answer given in the cell.

Cell F27 should contain the column number in the range 'Master Totals'!$B$1:$EG$210 from which to return a value.

So, let's just say F27 contains the number 5. The formula would look up whatever is in cell A5 in 'Master Totals' column B and return the value from 'Master Totals' column F (fifth column in the range 'Master Totals'!$B$1:$EG$210).

Now, whether or not there is some kind of error that causes the formula to return an incorrect result or it's not working as intended (maybe it's the wrong function for the job), I couldn't say.


Thanks so much for your info. That's exactly what I thought but that's not what is coming up in this cell so I couldn't figure out what they did. So I just used a different formula.

I appreciate your help!!