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I have developed a spreadsheet that includes VLOOKUP and have added the IFERROR for when there are blanks. But when I started testing my workbook I came up with 0's in fields that should have values. When I remove the IFERROR portion it results in an #N/A error. I can't get past this. The data is sound, the tables are correct. the formatting is good as far as I can tell. I am just having issues with random portions of this formula. I'd hoped to send a copy of this spreadsheet for you to analyze but I don't see a way to do this. image.pngPlease help!

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@WIIILBUR The screenshot isn't very helpful as it doesn't show the formula you are using nor the column and row headers. That makes it difficult to analyse. But it seems you are looking up vacations days and sick leave by month name and four of theses return zeroes where they should return a number. Make sure that months names on either side (i.e. lookup value and lookup array) are spelled exactly the same. For instance if one has "JANUARY" and the other "JANUARY " (with a trailing space), they will not be matched and VLOOKUP will return #N/A.