Vlookup to reference weekly sales

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I am using a drop down list to select dates for viewing my weekly sales.

I am then using a VLOOKUP to find me the results, in the table next to it I was it to reference a week before to show a comparison of this week vs last.

can I do a VLOOKUP or something, that if this cell is referenced then reference the cell above?





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You need FILTER() function.

@Harun24HR can you filter by a cell before? I tried filter but it just shows me the results. 

basiclly I want to select a week from my list, and then it populates the sales for that week, but when those cells populate I want it to select the week before in the column next to it for a comparison, 

so like this 


list of dates  


sales data here populated by list | sales data here populated by the week before the selected week in the list

Can you show some sample data and desired result?

Sorry should have started with this.


Attached are screen grabs from my excel, 


I have drawn the flow of how I want it to go. 


 Select date > Fills cells > when cells fill it fills the other cells but 1 date before



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VLOOKUP is a bit more direct but if you need to pull previous date's revenue, you can use INDEX-MATCH for both:




thank you this worked perfectly, I don't know why I didn't think of index match, thank you