Vlookup that returns "text" not data from the table

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I want to perform a Vlookup (or assume I do), but I want to return "text" rather than a value from the data table.



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my vlookup formula is:



Where I return "1" above, I want to show "text"



The 3rd argument of VLOOKUP - the 1 in your example - is the column index. It must be a number between 1 and the number of columns of the lookup range. Since your lookup range RANGED!A:B, the column index can be 1 or 2.

Can you explain what you want to accomplish?

Hi Hans, thank you so much for looking at this for me. I have had inhouse assistance and we have accomplished what was required via:
I apologise that my message was unclear, but when I showed the inhouse team what I wanted, they provided the above.


An alternative: