VLOOKUP returns a blank cell when all references are accurate?

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I am having trouble with VLOOKUP. I have created the following =VLOOKUP(C6,L8:II51,3) whereby the value in C6 is the biproduct of A6 and B6 through =CONCATENATE(A6,B6). The range and the column number (look above to cell N3 for the column number) for the requested data to be pulled from relates to the cell N8 and as you can see I get a 0 (zero) instead of 02/01/22. The cell formatting is "General" but I have tried other cell formats such as currency, accounting, number, date etc. but no change. I have also copy/pasted this sheet to another newly created sheet (actually created a new sheet then after creation pasted the entire original sheet's contents to this new sheet and same result. I have included (2) screen captures to illustrate this condition and am hoping someone can shed some light on this crazy result.


Thanks in advance!ScreenCapture-EmailChangeError-02_2022_06-08.jpgScreenCapture-EmailChangeError-02a_2022_06-08.jpg

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Change the formula to =VLOOKUP(C6,L8:II51,3,FALSE)

Perfect. Thanks Hans!