Vlookup only works halfway and rest is #N/A

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Hi everyone,


So I'm having this issue lately with documents that I export from our ordering/Bookkeeping system. I want to use vlookup to see which client has ordered which amount of product X and put everything in 1 list. Now I use vlookup and it works for the first few rows, then it stops. If I start midway somewhere in my list, again first few work and others don't. I tried everything I could find online, so please don't come up with solutions to use TRIM, CLEAN, combining INDEX & MATCH, putting everything in same format..... It's super strange and I tried copy pasting the entire sheet to new clean sheet, because I thought maybe something went wrong in the export. In any case it doesn't work and I have spent several hours trying to fix it. Would be very happy if someone knew why this is or has had similar issues and has some solutions? 


Thank you!! 

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I'd guess that the $ signs are missing in the matrix of VLOOKUP. Which means you have something like


instead of


@OliverScheurich thank you so much!!! it worked :)