VLookup not working. Hoping for new formula.

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Hey! Hoping for some help with this vlookup formula. On "Master" Column c you can see the formula. Every time there is a new lead I input the details into the "meeting" tab - Jay, our lead generator is then put down next to all new meetings recorded. There is a pivot table that breaks down all the leads Jay has gotten for us, no matter how many orders they've made. I then use the Vlookup in Master sheet pulling from the pivot table. As you can see its pulling "Jay" as the sales rep even when he's not. For example "Henry @me.com" should show up blank, given the email isnt in the VLOOKUP criteria, buts its pulling "Jay" as the sales rep for some reason. Any bit helps - Thanks! Google sheet linked below. 



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You can try this formula in column C. The only difference is that this formula looks for an exact match because of the "0".