VLOOKUP not returning values with information copied from the internet

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I am trying to use a VLOOKUP function with data copied from the internet. I've seen similar posts about this where the solution was to paste special and choose values. This is not working. Please help!

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You'll notice that you've had well over 50 views and no replies. That will continue until you provide more information, because it's not possible to give any specific help with such a vague and general question.


  • What kind of information are you working with?
  • What are some examples of the VLOOKUP reference field (i.e., the first reference in the VLOOKUP formula): is it text, numeric
  • What is the nature of the data copied from the internet? Have you made a table of it?


Is it possible for you to post a copy of the spreadsheet on OneDrive or GoogleDrive so that we can see the actual? If so, please paste a link here that grants access once you've posted the file in one of those spots.


Quite often when data copy/pasted from the web it includes not-breaking space (UNICODE 160), perhaps some other not printable characters.

You may check in any empty like =cell1=cell2 if lookup value is really is the same. Or check by =LEN(cell) it returns exact number of visible character.

If so you need to clean pasted data. However, that could be other reasons, better to check on sample file if you could provide it.