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is anyone able to point out why my lookup isnt working? 

I have made sure format for all referenced cells is the same, tried with false and true arguments for exact and approximate matches and tried to reference column 1 and then column 5 in the table array 



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@dumdiddydumdum Your formula tells VLOOKUP to look in the first column of the array for a match and return the value of the fifth column. With the set-up in your schedule you could change the lookup array to J36:K2, set the column number to 2 and use FALSE if it is the angle you want to return of course.


143.031 is the maximum value in J36:J52, so that should be the first column in the lookup range:


=VLOOKUP(N55, J36:K52, 2, FALSE)

Thank you both for your replies, my initial formula and intention was this: 


The intention being looking up the MAX amplitude value and returning the angle.

I think this does not work because the column to return the value must be to the right of the column i am looking up? - if this is the case it seems a bit non-functional but it is workable. 

I have used this theory and the previous suggestion of changing the table array and returning column 2 to solve. 


Many thanks again,