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High all,


I have a table with 3 columns:


A text based column with a unique code, a product name column and a column with amounts.

The thing is that I have to search into this table on product name, select the row with the highest unique code. Then the formula has to return the amount of products of that specific row.


Attached you can find the excel with the 3 columns.



So we do a "vlookup" for product F.

There are 3 rows with PRODUCT F: 61.281, 61.281-1 and 61.281-2

The formula should return 33.846 because this is in row 61.281-2 which has clearly the highest value.




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Hi Dennis,


Please try this formula:


Return the highest value.png


Please note that you have to press Ctrl+Shift+Enter each time you enter this formula, and after you open it in the edit mode.


Hope that helps


Thanks Haytham,... this works like a charm!!!

Hi, I'm trying to find the highest value in each column and return the corresponding cell values from the header and the last column. Really would appreciate some direction. Best, M


running | jumping | cycling | walking | InjuryType

0           |  3            |       2    |   0         |     Broken bones

20         |    1          |      5     |    12      |     sprains

20         |  0            |       1    |   5         |     falls

12         |  40          |     20    |   40       |     dislocations



Running 20 Sprains

Running 20 Falls

jumping 40 Dislocations

cycling 20 Displocations

walking 40 dislocations