VLOOKUP help needed

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i copied a cell with VLOOKUP formula to another cell, the problem is that in the new cell the formula appears and not the result


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@A_klenk_hotmailcom Difficult to say, but perhaps you have used a lookup array without making the reference absolute, i.e. using $ signs. Can you show the formula you are using? Or perhaps upload the file?



it is a simple Vlookup formula, the problem is that it is in a file that was provided by a client, i have had to add columns to this file and thus duplicated the formula from one cell into the new created cell in new column, for some reason copying the formula does not show the result but shows the formula instead!

@A_klenk_hotmailcom Again, difficult to help when you just say that a formula doesn't work (even a simple one) if you don't provide the formula and the context in which it is used.


If in one cell formula returns result and in another cell you see formula itself, most probably second cell is formatted as text. Apply General format and re-enter the formula.