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I tried using Vlookup in Excel using two different excel workbooks. But I am getting an error #N/A.

I just want one column from one of the workbooks and place it in another workbook. This is the formula I used: 

=VLOOKUP(F5,'[New ABC Classification - Jan22.xlsx]ABC Classification'!$A:$D,4,FALSE)

New ABC Classification is the workbook name. F5 (Article Description) is the column from another workbook.

So my main objective is to use the article description and I want to get the new column from another workbook.

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Hi @Yuvanne_11 

It seems you have the formula correct and thus it could be data mismatch. eg figures looking like numbers but actually are text - normally left aligned instead of right.

I have however attached an example that you can use to compare your solution and maybe test with your own data.

You colud also test if Excel considers the two expected cells to be alike, eg

F6  =F5='[New ABC Classification - Jan22.xlsx]ABC Classification'!$A$2


Should be true (if A2 holds the corresponding value you are looking for).

If not, the two values are not the same.


Thank you!
I will try this and see