VLOOKup confusing the data

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I just ran a VLOOKUP to a list of 40K+ items to match a ZIP code to a county. It did pull all the ZIP codes I requested but several do no match the correct county. Not sure what I did wrong. The list of counties and ZIPs are correct as I used this successfully before. Any thoughts?

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Would be interesting, in which context you did it successfully and at what first line it did not. Can you pls. offer a screenshot of the source and which line you doubt in your excel table? Otherwise it is a little bit obscure what could be the case.


Plausible cause could be: CHeck your ZIP source if this column is ONLY and all content in same TEXT data type. In Germany we use TEXT data Column as to "DE-80801" for Munich-Schwabing as an example.


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Greets, Eva.