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Vlookup and pivot tables

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I need to learn how to use the above 2x functions for a new job role. Haven't used excel for years. I've looked at several videos but am still unclear. Can anyone help me, in layman's terms please?
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I would suggest not only looking at several videos, but also--even more important--taking on the task of creating a spreadsheet following the examples in those videos and creating your own. You may have done that, I realize...but you're asking us to do what the videos do after telling us they haven't helped. In layman's terms "you're asking for what you've declared won't work."
You also might try some non-video sources. Here's a good one. But create your own examples and work along with the instruction. THAT IS how to learn it.
Once you've mastered VLOOKUP, you might want to research further. XLOOKUP, for example, is more powerful (and newer)


I'd start from templates available in File->New as


As next step google "excel my first pivottable".

Lot of resources, each has pros and cons, and, as usual, there is no one which could be "best". Best for one is not best for another, it very depends on personality, initial skills level and desired result.

@Sergei Baklan 


I didn't realize that there were instructional templates like that! Good to know.


I don't know why but people quite seldom use these templates to learn this or that functionality. From my point of view they are very professional and you may find lot tips and tricks working with these templates, not necessary related to main functionality. UI, reporting, navigation, formatting, etc - quite many useful things.

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I've just never realized that there was something like the "Take a tour" template there on the top left, something that actually contains instructions. AND that it's there in the basic Excel package itself, not something you have to go hunting for on the internet.

I see it is labeled as "New" so maybe it is just that. I'm generally NOT a template user, having been greatly disappointed by the few I've tried. I have more fun developing my own layouts...but then too I began back in the early days of Lotus 1-2-3 (and before).





I also don't use these templates for real projects, but take some nice things from them from time to time.