Very old Excel Files: Excel1 can't be read with my old Performa 475. Any ideas?

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I have really old mac floppies from 1987 to 1990, containing data of sampling etc. I was able last week to activate an old Performa 475 which can read these old floppies. However, this Performa has Excel5 installed, which is obviously not able to read Excel files of type Excel1, as the system says when I want to open these old files. I could not found any converter from Excel1 to Excel type xls. Also I found two floppies containing Excel4 part1 and part2, but I am not able to install this old version of Excel, that could probably read the ancient Excel-file formatting.

Only solution so far: I can copy the old files from mac floppy to Harddisk of my Performa 475, then I can transfer teh file to a windows pc, open MS Word and use the "Open File Dialog" from Word to get some text of the old Excel-File.

Best would be have an older Mac with older Excel, open the Excelfiles and Print the information of the Excel Files. However, my old Mac SE (Built-in Display: 9" Monochrome Native Resolution: 512x342
Details: N/A) started 1 month ago booted but then, the display went black after a quiet bang.

Any ideas? Would be great... Kevin

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Have you tried to open the file in openOffice?

@Jan Karel Pieterse 


Hello Jan

as I have not installed openOffice on my laptop, I did not try your solution. I have only MS-Office professional installed.

May be should follow once your hint, but hope installation will not take too long with my Windows10 Acer laptop. Anyway, tank you for this first potential solution.