VBA won't recoginze Vietnamese

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Hi team,


VBA in my excel file won't recognize Vietnamese even when I have changed the language to Vietnamese in Control Panel > Region > Language for Non Unicode program and Setting in VBA > Tools > Options > Editor Format (Which I choose front that support Vietnamese. I still can type some characters but some don't work. Please advise me with this, more information is in attached fileVBA_VNESE.PNGVBA_VNESE2.PNG


Thanks all <3

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Can anyone help me with this please :(

Hello, sorry to hear that you cant use the Vietnamese despite all your efforts.
Kindly send Frown to Excel so that they can look into the problem and fix:
To send Frown:
1. In the File tab, select Feedback
2. Click on Frown


By the way, was Vietnamese installed for Office as well?

Yes, I did install Vietnamese for Office :(
Thanks. I will do as your suggestion

@Bui_Hien_Dat  lỗi này khắc phục được chưa bro, help me!