VBA to save as PDF error

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Hi Guys,

Can someone assist me with this? Whenever I run a macro which is to save a file to PDF 1 after another,
it gives me an error. for example I have 10 process while running it might start for the 1st 2 file then show an error. Its really random, it could be at any other number. sometimes it doesn't even start and just pop up an error.

Heres the error message. I hope I can get help with this

Run-time Error'1004':
Your file could not be printed due to an error on Adobe PDF on.
There are several possible reasons:
•There may not be enough memory available. Try closing files and programs you arent using
•If you use a network for printing, there may be a problem with the network connection or the printer driver

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Do you have the VBA code or a sample workbook, so someone could try to troubleshoot the issue?