VBA Macro for word: getting several pictures from file and placing them in a specific place

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Hi all,


We would like to have a macro that does the following:

1. Select a file in which pictures are saved.

2. Insert those pictures in the first column of each row in a table. so pic 1 in row 1 pic 2 in row 2,...

3. Resizes all the pictures to the same size. For this one i found code that works great.

Sub resize()
Dim i As Long
With ActiveDocument
 For i = 1 To .InlineShapes.Count
 With .InlineShapes(i)
.Height = 500
.Width = 600
 End With
 Next i
End With
End Sub

Can anyone help me. It would save us a lot of time because now we need to upload 20 pictures each week in a word document that serves as a rapport. this takes to much time.

Thanks in advance.


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