VBA excel dropDown customUI trouble

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SelectedIndex = None




this "code" deactivates the item in the dropdownlist
, but there is no redrawing (the list item is not active, but is displayed) #according to the manual, invalidate should initiate redrawing

if I switch to another tab with my hands and return to a custom tab,
the element is not displayed (this is the result I need)

please tell me how I can force excel 2016 to redraw the ribbon or switch to another tab

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Here is an example of VBA code that makes a custom tab the active tab using the ActivateTab method of the IRibbonUI object:


Public myRibbon As IRibbonUI

Sub tabActivate(ByVal control As IRibbonControl)
End Sub



That's not gonna work.
I don't quite understand how it should look like:
That's not gonna work.