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Good Day! I am far from a knowledgeable person when it comes to Macros or VBA codes, but I am learning. Currently, I am in desperate need to write some VBA code for a spreadsheet that is used by my workgroup.


This is the process: One dedicated person enters the available projects into the macro-enabled spreadsheet. The PM's go into the spreadsheet at will and assign the projects to themselves by entering their name into the designated cell. Simple, right?


The process I am trying to automate is to have the worksheet hide the entire row once the PM has entered their name into that cell. Another option would be to have one worksheet in the workbook show the unassigned projects and another to show assigned projects. In a perfect world, the workbook would have 3 worksheets: 1) ALL projects 2) Unassigned projects and 3) Assigned projects. The most important thing is to have a worksheet that shows available projects easily which I think would be to just hide the rows after the PM assigns the project to themselves.


I started down a path to do this, but didn't get far before I stalled. 

Here is the path that I started down:

I created a hidden column that has a formula that says if the "assigned" cell has data then = 1 and if no data cell = 0. I thought it would be easier to write code that would hide all of the "1"s. 


Please forgive me if this is too much information and too long for this forum. This is my first post. I promise to try to shorten any future posts. :)


THANK YOU in advance for any help you can provide.

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I have solved my own issue! I have found the correct VBA code on another website. Thank you for your views.