VBA and hidden worksheets

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I have a workbook in Excel which uses VBA code and I have problems with hidden worksheets. 

When I try to make hidden worksheets visible I obtain an error warning : 'feature "visible" of class worksheet can not be put in place' (which is a translation out of Dutch).


I'm not the writer of the code and just the user of this workbook, which went well before I bought this new computer with new software ( amongst other: Office 365). 


Can anyone help?


Thanks in advance

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Try to contact the coder of that VBA code and ask him to fix the error.

It may be a bug or intended for some reasons!


Hope that helps


@Haytham Amairah 

The VBA coder would be first choice, assuming they are contactable.  If not, it is possible that others could help provided to OP knows the VBA project and the Workbook structure passwords.  Running the macros with the code window open may well give additional clues.