VB Macros are not running

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I have an issue when I try to run any macro, Macros are disabled. Does anyone know how to solve this issue? I tried repairing the office but it didn't work.




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Select File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings... > Macro Settings.

Select "Disable macros with notification", then click OK.

When you open a macro-enabled workbook, you should get a prompt to allow macros; click Yes.

You can set one or more folders as Trusted Locations in File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings... >Trusted Locations. If you save a workbook in a trusted location, macros will automatically be enabled.

@Hans Vogelaar, Thank you for your response. I tried it and still VB macr.os are not running.


Does this occur in all workbooks or in one specific workbook?

@Hans Vogelaar all workbooks. As all macros are disabled.



What happens if you set Macro Settings to Enable VBA Macros, then quit and restart Excel?