VB Editor and Win 10 Current System Locale settings

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I'm running Microsoft 365 (up to date) on Windows 10 (up to date). I have English and Hebrew languages installed in Win 10 and also in Microsoft 365. I can write in English and Hebrew. As long as my Win 10 Current System Locale are set to Hebrew(Israel) I can write a simple macro that will show a msgbox with Hebrew text, also in a sheet when extracting from then the Code or Unicode number, Excel does this correct. But when I change my Current System Locale to English(USA) and try to write in the VBEditor in Hebrew the message I want to be shown, the Hebrew gets being replaced by Latin characters including French accent symbols. When I copy them from my VBEditor and paste them into this post they return to Hebrew letters. In a sheet I can still enter Hebrew characters but for Code numbers they all return 63 and for Unicode numbers they return the correct number. Any suggestions?

Screenshot 2022-06-23 121630.jpg

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