varible in link to another file or generating formula from a formula?

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pc/office 10

excel version 2404


likely over my head again, but ...

I need to generated formula in cells on worksheet to look at cells on other sheets.
I need to be able to paste list of part numbers, and generate the reference in each cell.

-pasting list in column a
all filenames/tabs/cell location will be pasted part number, plus the info contained in column p, labeled as suffix, (the last 2 digits ranging from 70 to 79, to represent columns B-K, labeled as op 10-100

the resulting desired formula is in column L, labeled as CONCAT results. from here, i would have to copy and paste qas the results, i do not want that step either

im sure there is a better way to do this .... is this even plausible?

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not sure how to post sample file ...

@JackShield save your file to OneDrive or similar and share a link that gives access to it without the need to login.

@JackShield Thanks for the file. Not sure what you want to achieve though. The 'formula' you refer to references another workbook (another xlsm file). Without that one, there's much I can do. Perhaps someone else.

i need to generate link to another file in b2, c2, etc.
the file name varies by the the text listed in a2, a3, etc.
the cells framed in red let me stitch the file name together, but would like the link to appear in b2, c2, etc. automatically, without the need to copy and paste.

im a novice user tasked with the job ....