variable print area

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my print area varies with the data in my spreadsheet. how do i automatically refelct that in the printa area.

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I'd place the data that you want to print on one sheet, and all date that you don't need to print on another sheet (or sheets). Simply print that first sheet, without setting a print area.



Would be fine if only one data set or table were to change occasionally. I have several data sets (reports) which change sometims daily by information provided in other sections of my workbook. Thus, my structured reports (multiple) vary in length on an unpredictable basis. Am trying not to have to use Access to create same universe of information.


If you have Microsoft 365, you can use VSTACK to place data from several sheets below each other, if necessary combined with FILTER.

Thank you. Found another way.
Since all my data is sequential in table format (no empty rows, but total number of rows varies), I created a column (say X) that increments row count by one each time a row has data, and if no data the count remains the same up to and including row 150 (never will have that much data). I then find the value in X150 and use that to set my end limit on my print range. Maybe cumbersome, but it works for me.