Values for individual items of a drop down list?

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I would like to assign a different value to each item of a drop down list, so that when I select a different item it would change the final value.


Right now I am using a basic "=F15*12" type formula, but I would like that numerical value to change with a drop down list I have in column D. 


I have different sized packaging with different weights. 

6x1 = 12

5x3 = 33

12x1 = 25



Can anyone help solve this for me? Thank you so much in advance! 

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@JustinSchenck Perhaps the attached workbook will get you started. I have use a small lookup table (named "Sizes"), part of which populates the dropdown in column D and is used by VLOOKUP to find the weight. If you are on a recent Excel version, you might want to look into XLOOKUP as well.