Value to text in EXCEL



In Cell Q2 the value is 262,043.23


In Cell B5 it shows Twenty two paisa only. (It should have been TWENTY THREE)


I have attached the Excel file.


Thanks in advance.




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@Oliullah_Siddique You need to round to number to two decimals. As you have it now, Excel displays the number with two decimals, but the underlying number is 262,043.225. The macro picks-up the 22 as the decimals.

Use ROUND( your_formula_here , 2 )


I used the formula. But showing error:
="In words: Tk."&" "&ROUND(SpellNumber(Q2),2)

The original formula is given below:
="In words: Tk."&" "&SpellNumber(Q2)

Would you please check it.

@Oliullah_Siddique No. Sorry I was unclear. you need to round the number in Q2 and leave the formula in B5 as it is.


Thanks. It worked! I applied the formula in B5.