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I followed a video and did exactly the same steps but when I press enter it comes up with the value error, what am I doing wrong?

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Without merged cells it works well in my spreadsheet. Try your formula without the merged cells C4:E8 and F4:H8.

@hollyh10  ....  In D11, you can enter either of the following formulas:


=TREND($C$4:$C$8, $F$4:$F$8, D10)


=FORECAST(D10, $C$4:$C$8, $F$4:$F$8)


In this case, the TREND formula does __not__ need to be array-entered, since that use of TREND returns a single value (since D10 is a single cell), not an array of values (as it would for a range like D10:D20).


I prefer the FORECAST formula, because you do not require all the bells and whistles that TREND can provide.  KISS.


For merged cells, refer to the upper-left cell.  Do not refer to the range of cells that comprise "a" merged cell.