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Could someone help me, when I'm trying to multiple a number with a decimal point with another cell, it  gives me the error #value! error, but when I change the decimal point to a coma, it works just fine.

Can someone help me change it back so I can use it with decimal points instead of a coma please!!!


I use excel on the web 

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Excel uses the decimal separator of your Mac's system settings.

So quit Excel, make sure that the regional and language settings in MacOS are the way you want, then start Excel again.

@Hans Vogelaar Hello! Thanks for replying.

 I've done that, has the same regional settings as I had before, everything was working well for almost a year, but today it decided to mess up without me changing a formar.


I am on Windows myself, I hope that someone with a Mac has a suggestion for you.



I also use windows and am not familiar with excel on the web, but my excel has an option to override the regional system settings under File/Options/Advanced. By chance, is there a similar option for you?





As far as I know, that option is not available in Excel for Mac.

@memo2254 This is how you get to these settings on a Mac:


Press the Apple logo in the top left hand corner of your screen

System Preferences...

Language & Region (the icon with the blue flag)

Advanced... (in the bottom right hand corner)

Screenshot 2021-04-23 at 06.46.36.png

Here you change the grouping and decimal separators as desired.

Press OK and restart Excel.


This worked perfectly for me on my Macbook. Thanks so much Riny!