#VALUE Error when no value in cell

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I have a spreadsheet with cell F73 to multiply two cells =D73*E73.  When a value is not in cell E73, Cell F73 displays #Value.  How do I get rid of that error?  Once I place a value in E73 than its fine.  How do I get Excel to have E73 be calculated as zero until a number is placed in?  At the end of spreadsheet I have a AutoSum so when there is #values in the column it doesn't work. 


Thank you in advance.


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Most probably there is a text value in E73.
You are correct. There is a formula in that field that pulls in a cost from another field.

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Replace the double quotes with a 0.
Thank you so much! This worked. I can't tell you how much time this will save everyone. So grateful to have logged into this forum.