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Necesito cambiar la descripción de una celda automáticamente al seleccionar una opción de una lista desplegable. Como se puede hacer?
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Here is a small demo with one of the possibilities.


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@Nikolino tengo una lista de validación de datos y un recuadro con descripción. Quiero que al seleccionar cada opción de la lista, el recuadro cambie la descripción automáticamente .

sry answer was the quick one, I missed the file. Please just ignore it because it doesn't fit.

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@Omargrajales I believe the classic VLOOKUP function does what you need. Though, it depends on how your data is structured. A combination of INDEX and MATCH or new functions like XLOOKUP and FILTER may also be used, provided that you are a Microsoft 365 subscriber.


I've attached a small file to demonstrate each of the above. All of it can be made more dynamic by using named ranges and structured tables that contain your data, but I didn't go into that for now.