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Q. The Iist has employee names and badge#s of XYZ Inc.Their Manager name in found in the other table, you will need to use the employee badge to lookup their manager in the manager table. Note Managers rotate randomly each month, so your lookup needs to consider the month also.

Manager Table by Month    
Emp Badge#JanFebMarAprMay
98362Londo, MollariPuri, OmTemp Mgr1Prakash, SuryaWayne, John
12235Londo, MollariLondo, MollariLondo, MollariPrakash, SuryaPuri, Om
78312Londo, MollariPuri, OmLondo, MollariJain, AnitaWayne, John
98722Londo, MollariLondo, MollariTemp Mgr1Jain, AnitaWayne, John
87423Puri, OmPuri, OmTemp Mgr1Jain, AnitaPuri, Om
56431Puri, OmLondo, MollariTemp Mgr1Prakash, SuryaPuri, Om
23972Puri, OmLondo, MollariLondo, MollariPrakash, SuryaWayne, John
18739Puri, OmPuri, OmLondo, MollariJain, AnitaPuri, Om


Employee Table
Prashanth, Gopi87423?
Tank, Ashwini78312?
Suri, Aviral98722?
Kumar, Ram12235?
Tendulkar, Sachin23972?
Maradonna, Diego56431?
Singh, Robin98362?
Kumar, Deepak18739?


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Maybe with Index and Match as shown in the attached file.

thank you