Using Weekday function to fill cells but holding the data until the next week?

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I have a calculation value I need to pull every day, Monday to Thursday. I am currently using the following formula to populate the cells: =IF(WEEKDAY(TODAY())=2,[Calculator.xlsm]Sheet1!$S$2, " ").

I need the data pulled on each day to then be stored in the cell until the same day the following week. 


My issue is that the calculation value is updated every day but with the current formula I will lose Mondays, value on Tuesday and Tuesdays, value on Wednesday etc. 

Currently (Tuesday) my table looks like this:


The calculation is pulled from the same cell every day (S2) and updates day on day so I need the Monday reading to take the value on Monday and then not update any further until the following Monday basically ignoring the change in the calculation value on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday.


Can this be done? I feel like I just need a one time trigger "If Monday pull data and don't refresh or pull any more data until next Monday"




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