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I'm currently trying to use vlookup with sum to scan and sum all of my listed expenses on the "$ Incoming & Outgoing Sheet" and show me on a calender totals due that day. (or in this case display on Sheet "Summary" in cells B26:B56) 



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Hi! I have created the desired formula in cells C26:C56.

It is not necessary to use VLOOKUP() within SUMIF(). This has led to a wrong result. You used the amount as a criterion and not the date.


=SUMIF('$ Incoming & Outgoing'!$A$3:$A,A26,'$ Incoming & Outgoing'!$D$3:$D)

in Excel:
=sumif('$ Incoming & Outgoing'!$A:$A,A26,'$ Incoming & Outgoing'!$D:$D)