Using VLookup and showing 0 instead of being left blank

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I am using VLookup between sheets. I want it to look at the data from the first sheet, and if the data in one column is the same as todays date, it will copy the information from the first sheet into my new sheet. The error I am having, is that if the cell in the first sheet is blank, I am wanting it to be blank when it is copied to the second sheet, but instead it is showing 0. Is there a way I could modify my formula to keep the resulting cell blank?




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@BDawgTheHusky Could it be that the formula returns the value from Shipping!H11 which perhaps is empty?

Try this:
Hello, the value from Shipping!H11 is empty but that is intended. I am wanting the code to see the empty cell in Shipping!H11 and output another empty cell, rather than output a 0.