Using VBA to search and fill data between 2 sheets

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Looking for input on if I might be getting in over my head for a VBA beginner.


I have worksheets that have project numbers on my "Awards" sheet and people working on (potentially multiple) projects on my "Effort" sheet. The sheets are created from 2 different reports I can run very easily but the awards sheet has much more info I would like on each line the project appears on the effort sheet. So essentially what I am wanting is something like this: For each row on Effort column B, search Awards column AA for a matching value. Once the match is found, copy info from Awards columns R-Z (same row as matching value) to columns R-Z on search value row of Effort sheet. 


This seems very possible but I'm not sure where to start or if I should just abandon ship before I set sail. Any advice on where to start, tips to avoid issues, or sample code snips would be greatly appreciated.

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In R2 on the Effort sheet:


=XLOOKUP(B2, Awards!A:A, Awards!R:Z, "")


Fill down.

Oh my goodness.... I figured I was missing some basic formula that already existed to do something like that! You are a magical person, Hans. Thank you much!