using the = sign to copy data

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Hi everybody, I am a student learning Microsoft Excel, I was instructed to use a = sign in a blank cell where I want to transfer data in my second worksheet then click into the first worksheet click on the cell I would like to copy and I see the box select than I hit enter and it only put a 0 in the cell and a 0 is not what I was going for and if I don't do it exactly this way my answer will not be excepted.  Can anyone help it works fine for the rest of the class.

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@brooklyn100gloria650 The = sign tells Excel that are going to enter a formula. If you would type something like =Sheet1!A1 it will return whatever value is cell A1 on Sheet1. If that cell is empty, it will return zero.

What you were told is just to avoid having to type the entire formula yourself. Start with the = sign, click on the other sheet name (in a tab at the bottom of the Excel window) and point at a cell with something in it and press enter. That's it.