using specific celname and read data from that cell

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I'm having trouble finding the right command to get something done. Something pretty simple I guess but I can't seem to find it.


I've made a sheet where I changed the cellnames to specific names. Now I can find these values everywhere by just typing in another sheet '="CELLNAME".
In another sheet I'm also creating cells with text. So if the name is made correct, then I would like it to extract there (or a cell next to it if I cannot pull it out immediately) the value of the cell from the other sheet.


There I miss the finesse.

I can create the exact name, but I don't manage to READ the value. I don't know how to give the command of reading the cell with that specific name...


Anyone has an answer?


Thx for any hints or solutions!



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You can use the INDIRECT function for this. Let's say you have a cell name in cell A2.

In another cell, for example B2, enter the formula


This will return the value of the cell whose name is in cell A1.

@Hans Vogelaar

It works!! Thanks a lot! I thought it couldn't be a big deal but if ons doesn't know the trick...


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