Using Sortby with Filter and index

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Hello, i am trying to add a sortby in this formula, anybody knows if its possible.


=FILTER(INDEX(Vulnerabilities,SEQUENCE(ROWS(Vulnerabilities)),{2,4,8,3,5,6,7,10}),(Vulnerabilities[Application group]=Lookup!C3)*(Vulnerabilities[Status]="New"),"No New Vulnerability Found")

i added a the sortby after the filter however as soon as i do it does not return the right values


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It looks like you filter sorted table using criteria applied to unsorted table - result is unpredictable

@Sergei Baklan Thanks, I am not sure I understand, but my goal is to get a sorted dynamic array

My original table "Vulnerabilities" isn't sorted

=FILTER(INDEX(Vulnerabilities,SEQUENCE(ROWS(Vulnerabilities)),{2,4,8,3,5,6,7,11}),(Vulnerabilities[Application group]=Lookup!C3)*(Vulnerabilities[Status]<>"New")*(Vulnerabilities[Status]<>"Resolved"),"No Vulnerability Found")

This formula gets me the data I want, but its not sorted in a way I like. so i am wondering if there is a way to sort the result of the formula