Using Power Query to Make Forecast and Handle Manual New Costs


I want to take my raw data actuals and make predictive numbers for the future months based on actuals (averages or other logic that I can define) for future months. 


I can load the data into Power Query and take any outliers with by filtering out account I know catch costs. I can also use those filtered out costs in a new Query to show the affect of those/show a list of what I've taken out to account for future costs. For example, the future costs of lawsuit and salary payout in yellow wouldn't be added into future cost prediction but in a new query show what I filtered out as a new list to display for review. 


How do I continue the for month's 7-12 for all costs except yellow outliers for predicted costs and what's a way to enter new costs I know will come? For example, I know I will hire 5 new people and know Salary line increases by 12,000 for 3 new people and the Temp line increases by 7,000. How do I handle new manual requests?


I was thinking creating a form where the costs are seen/forecasted and then summed so I can dump into the raw data with the other predicted/forecasted costs and come with a total.


Thank you for any direction.


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