Using one word or a province to filter a list of national parks and landmarks

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I have a list with 450 data entries. There are people with national parks or landmarks they visited so I would like to categorise those places into their 9 provinces so that I can assign unique numbers with codes based on the province.


For example

I have 10 locations for one province: Eastern Cape

And 100 people have visited those 10 locations

Is it possible to call up all 10 locations using just the word - EasternCape? So that I can use a filter and assign the EC code from 1 to 100 


Or is there another way to do this?



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Hi @tee_gs,

you can try this solution:

- Add a Province Column
To start, add a new column in your list to keep track of the provinces. You can call it "Province" or any other name that makes sense to you. This column will be used to store the province names for each national park or landmark.

- Enter Province Names
Now, go through each data entry in your list and enter the corresponding province name in the "Province" column. For example, if you have 10 locations in the Eastern Cape province, enter "Eastern Cape" for all those entries in the "Province" column.

- Filter and Assign Codes
Once you have populated the "Province" column, you can use SharePoint's list view filtering feature to make your life easier. Filter the list to show only the data entries with a specific province name. For instance, filter the list to display all entries with "Eastern Cape" in the "Province" column. This will show you all the 10 locations in the Eastern Cape province.

- Assign Unique Codes
Now that you have filtered the data for Eastern Cape, you can assign unique codes (let's call them "EC codes") from 1 to 100 for each of the 10 locations based on the 100 people who visited them. This means you will assign a unique code to each location for each person who visited it. For example, if 30 people visited the first location in the Eastern Cape, you can give it EC-1, EC-2, EC-3, and so on up to EC-30.

- Repeat for Other Provinces
You can repeat this process for each province in your list. Filter the list by province name and assign unique codes accordingly. For instance, filter for the Western Cape and assign unique codes for each location in that province.

By following these steps, you can efficiently categorize the national parks and landmarks into their respective provinces and assign unique codes based on province and visitation data. 

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