Using one cell to append another

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I use excel to track projects for my employer. The tracker contains multiple identifiers as well as cells for various status updates.


A really simple version of my tracker would be:

Row A: Headers: A1: Project Number, B1: (Not used), C1: Status


Right now, I keep adding to to cell C2: 3/16/21: Vendor states part will arrive on 3/20. - 3/10/21: Vendor ordered part. - 3/5/21: Vendor states we need a new part for this project.


What I'd like to do is use cell B2 for the latest update, but have it automatically appended to cell C2, without deleting any of what's already there. So if I on 3/20 type into B2: 3/20/21 Vendor states part will be late - ", that text automatically gets appended to C2s existing text. And again on 3/30, when the part is still not here, I just enter that value into B2, while C2 keeps a record of all updates.


I hope that made sense, and if it did, is this possible?


Edit: This would be on Desktop/Win10 Excel 365



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With your permission, I recommend that you include a file (with no confidential data) and explain your plan on it.
This way you can be helped much faster.

Please ask yourself why someone who wants to help has to prepare the file as well?

* Knowing the Excel version and operating system would also be an advantage.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.




Hi Nikolino,

Yes, that makes sense. I have attached a file that should work as placeholder for what my tracker really looks like.


So in column B, I'd like to just enter in the latest update for each project, hit enter and have that text automatically added to the same row in column C.  For example:  On 3/20/21 I have an update for project A1234567, I'd type that into cell B2, and while the previous text in that cell would go away, the 3/16/21 update would stay in cell C2, as well as the new text from B2 would be added there.


I have my doubts if this can be done, but I thought I'd check here.


Thank you!