Using Multiable sheets for Invertry Control

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I am using multi able sheets for inventory control,, right or wrong  ,,it working ok.

each sheet has a cell set aside for the part number , order number etc.

i can search for order number through ctrl f  or find all , it displays a list of all sheets where that order number appears, and from there eg, select the first on the list  , i get taken to the sheet ,if it is the wrong item , in then have to the next line in the list of find all until i find the right part number .

I can make a query that lists all the sheets that have that order number in the sheet cell, including the part number found relating to that order.

I was trying find a way to now ,using the query list , to select a part number , for that order query  and jump back to the sheet where that part number came from so i can edit ..

hoping this is explained right



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I am trying to do what "ctrl f" does with more info available using the query list , as ctrl f does not allow expansion of headers , if query could do the same I could save a lot of time updating sheets,
I explored Access however the history i need at a glance is more suited to excel and a sheet per item .
any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.