Using list function as a parameter in a budget calculation

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I am trying to use a list function (enabled from data verification) as a variabel in a budget. Hence my ambition is to use the list function as the fluctation in volumes for a product so we can create different scenarios depending on the sales volumes coming year.

If the product sells 5 % less, the list function can be used to set the value of 0.95 and then the estmiated number budgeted for the product shoudl change to 5 % less. However I can't make it work even though I atleast think I use the correct formating of a multiplication, hence =A9*B27 in this case.

Is it impossible to use list as a input source for a formula in Excel?

Thnx for all the help!

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Could you attach an example Excel file or a screenshot?

Are you trying to reference a drop down data validation cell containing a list of percentages?