Using lastrow variable in range

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Hi, I have created a last row variable in VBA and want to use them in range to copy a range of SPECIFIC COLUMN (e.g. B1 to last row and E to last row) but couldn't get it to work (See code in red). The code works if I replace last row with integer...


Kindly assist. 




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Your use of double quote "" is wrong. Try below line-

Set table=Worksheets("Database").Range("B1:B" & lastrow, "E1:E" & lastrow)

@peysg No VBA expert here, but why not just:

Set Table = Worksheets("Database").Range("B1:E" & lastrow)



This doesnt work, it still copy columns from B to E, i want to skip column C & D

I would like to skip column C and D


Set table = Worksheets("Database").Range("B1:B" & lastrow & ",E1:E" & lastrow)
Apologies, this doesnt work. It still copy column B to E. I want to skip column C & D


It does work: