Using if with incirect and an array doesn't work!

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Hey there I have multiple Tables in one sheed and I want to run through them all to find out if specific culums are empty.

I tried the following:

{=IF((ISEMPTY(INDIRECT("Y2020_KW_"&{52.53}&"[Title_1]"))+ISEMPTY(INDIRECT("Y2020_KW_"&{52.53}&"[TITLE_2]")))<>0;"Option if true";"Option if false")}


But it isn't working it always jumps into the Option for false even if it should be the option for true.

I already tested:


and it works.


Is there a way for me to make the IF - function work? Thanks for the help :).

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Is it possible for you to post the actual spreadsheet?
Thanks for responding but I solved it in another way... but if you’re interested in this specific problem I couldn’t solve, let me know and I fabricate an example file for you.
Not really. I was most likely going to propose another way, but needed to see what you were working with before making any suggestion.