Using IF for multiple values

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Hey there! I'm afraid I got stuck at a point I need your expert advice.

I want to use the function IF so as to state 3 different options and retrieve the value associated each one.


Here it goes the relation stated in a separate sheet:






So, what I would like to get is, assuming that column C contains the first value (local, regional or iberian). The exact % for each one.


I tried to achieve so by using the following expression: 




However, excel is not retrieving the value for each, it's only capable of retrieving the first set (local).


It would be great if excel understood boolean operators, for instance: =IF(W2="Local";Sheet3!B4;)ELSE(W2="Ibérico";Sheet3!B5;)ELSE(W2="Regional";Sheet!B6;"")))


How should I tweak it? Any thoughts?


Thanks a lot!

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You have too many parentheses:



Another way is a lookup table:




The formula can then be


=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(W2; Sheet3!$A$4:$B$6; 2; FALSE); "")


If your Excel is in Spanish:


=SI.ERROR(BUSCARV(W2; Sheet3!$A$4:$B$6; 2; FALSE); "")