Using IF and VLOOKUP together

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I have a workbook where the first sheet has dates in the heading and the data for those columns is on another sheet. I want to combine an If statement to pick up the date, then lookup the items (say Food purchases) and return either column 2, 3 or 4 depending on the date heading.


Not sure of the exact syntax but tried all sorts to get the IF and VLOOKUP to work together.


=IF($J$5='P&L25.9 '!$C$4,"vlookup,'2023'!A6,'P&L25.9 '!$a$6:$Z$60,4",0)

This statement isn't working.



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@vinedancer This syntax should work, though I can't test it if returns the desired result.


=IF($J$5='P&L25.9 '!$C$4,VLOOKUP('2023'!A6,'P&L25.9 '!$A$6:$Z$60,4,0),"-")


It performs the VLOOKUP when the criteria is met or "-" if it is not)

OMG you're a genius! Thank you, it worked